Bobby Puakea

UPDATE April 6, 2018:

We wanted to share the great news with you! Last week, we received financial support from both Matson as well as the Laurence H Dorcy Hawaiian Foundation. With their support we have reached our original fundraising target!

We really need to thank each and every one of our donors, from First Hawaiian Bank and the Castle Foundation, whoʻve been with us since the beginning, to the individuals who have given through Facebook and Amazon Smile and at our annual Casino Night Fundraisers. You inspire us with your love and support of all our waʻa.

Hūlō, hūlō! The Puakea Learning Center is underway. We need your help to build a permanent place to mālama our precious koa canoes. Help us support Uncle Bobby and the many apprentices who are gifted with the talents to bring our waʻa to life, as well as those who keep them racing.

Our amazing hālau was designed by Ried Fisher to accommodate and protect our waʻa and tools.

In 2016, Castle Foundation awarded us $90k for this project and we recently broke ground on July. 30th (see video here). The Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation has just recently promised $100k WHEN we raise the additional $53k. Can you help us reach our goal?

We need YOUR support to complete this project. Show Uncle Bobby how much you love him and koa waʻa for future generations by ensuring this Hawaiian Tradition continues. Here’s a link to our fundraising campaign.

UPDATE February, 2018:

  • The project was delayed for an extended period to get approval from DLNR to remove two coconut trees and gain approval from the park’s arborist for excavating near the Monkey Pod tree.
  • We needed to add a man door on the side of the tool room to assure the security of the roll up door
  • Excavation crews have completed all excavation for footing for Sonotubes and the footings & concrete slab under the tool room
  • Steel Reinforcing bars are onsite & tied for the sonotubes.
  • Steel reinforcing bars still need to set for the tool room slab.
  • The job has rained out for about 2-3 weeks.
  • We estimate 3-5 days to set steel & sonotubes.
  • Concrete can be poured once this work is completed.
  • We are requesting some additional rock/ gravel be brought in for mud control & to replenish under the remaining tent.
  • We will be submitting plans to Hardware Hawaii for pricing on roof, lumber & other materials, We will also be asking for a Discount/ Donation.

Justyn Ah Chong, of, created this video so you can learn more about our halo and fundraising efforts.