Things that are happening with the Puakea Foundation of Hawaii, Inc.

Kalai Wa‘a and Statement on Traditional Canoes

This post is in two parts. Please read through the entire article to learn about the history of the Hawaiian canoe and to read the Puakea Foundation statement on strip canoes. The Kalai Wa‘a kā.lai : vt. To carve, cut, hew, engrave, hoe; to divide, as land; to shape a canoe kā.lai ki‘i : n.v.
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Tools Stolen Again!

It continues to sadden us that people steal from Uncle Bobby. The latest theft took place last week. We are posting a list of the items we can confirm were taken, valuing over $4000 worth. How? “A lock had been cut clean off the shed, and housing for another had been peeled back as if
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Koa Wood Stolen from Uncle Bobby – Can you Help?

Last Thursday, June 19th, rare koa wood was stolen from the foundation in Heʻeia Park. This was rare wood, being used to build a traditional outrigger canoe for Honolulu Pearls Canoe Club. The club lost its koa canoe at Nanakuli Beach Park when the canoe sustained permanent damage on a beach landing after a race.
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Year End Letter 2013

Aloha Mai Kakou, The 2013 paddling year was one of great achievement as well as trials for the Puakea family and foundation. We have gained additional members and thus been extraordinarily busy. This increase in interest is wonderful, but overwhelming and very consuming, which accounts for the absence of the 2012 newsletter. We would like
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Mahalo to You for a Full of Wonder Fundraiser!

Oh what a night! We started planning this last fall, 2012, and to see how beautifully it all came together last Saturday was truly a blessing. We raised over $7,500 for the new Puakea Learning Center! The volunteer board members worked so hard and our guests played so hard! We are so grateful to each
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