Koa Canoe Racing in 2016

We crossed again! Uncle Bobby was so thrilled to be able to cross the Molokaʻi Channel with 2 crews again this year, during the Nā Wahine O Ke Kai and the Molokaʻi Hoe. Mahalo everyone for helping us to support the art of koa canoe racing. Interested in crossing the channel in a koa canoe?
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Documentary Short Film about Uncle Bobby

Hawaii film maker Clark Hilton has created a very soulful 5-minute film about Uncle Bobby. There is great footage of Bobby working at his canoe repair halau and lots of hearing about Uncle Bobby’s fascinating history! Mahalo to Clark and his crew and thank you for watching it! Uncle Bobby- Puakea Foundation from RUSTICUS FILMS
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Uncle Bobby Featured in Hana Hou!

Everyone in Hawaii knows the magazine, Hana Hou, which is published by Hawaiian Airlines. It is much more than an in-flight magazine though as it features and celebrates the many special people, places, and things to do here in Hawaii. The current issue has a feature on Uncle Bobby in the “Native Intelligence” section. We
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Valuable Tools Stolen from Uncle Bobby

A week ago someone(s) broke into the container at Heʻeia Park where Uncle Bobby stores the tools he uses to repair Hawaiian canoes and give workshops to both keiki and adults in the arts of woodworking and Polynesian canoe culture. We are very grateful to the

Polynesian Hot-Rod – Uncle Bobby in the News

This past November, the “Hawaii Island News”: featured a cover story on Uncle Bobby, Uncle John Kekua, and Gary Puniwai. This article is about the canoe-building activities of the three men and their contributions to preserving Polynesian culture. Here is an excerpt from the article: A koa tree takes the better part of a century
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