Koa Wa‘a Genealogy Project

Mahalo nui for helping us build an archive of the koa canoes in Hawai‘i. Please include as many details as you have.
  • Please provide if you have it.
  • Please state canoe club or ‘ohana that malama this canoe.
  • Please include the log source, where built, Kālai Waʻa names, birthdate, dimensions, Moʻokuʻauhau, etc.
  • Where all it has lived, how has it been used, has there been damage and/or repairs, any changes to hull dimensions, plus interesting notes
  • The person submitting the information. This is in case we want to contact you for any clarifications.
  • Please upload a photo of the canoe. Try to find one that shows the canoe name. Please use a large size; the maximum size should be 3 MB. Add any additional description.
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.